nessie project – art prize 2009

Well, the whole ebay thing was a bit of a wash… how do you try to sell a ‘100 long, 5 piece, stylized loch ness monster? What the ebay thing did do was to generate a great deal of interest in private parties coming forward to find a way to keep her at the zoo. We hope to have some more information to report in regards to her status soon. Thanks again to Bert and the crew at the zoo for your support and patience and to the people who have shown interest in keeping her in the city she was created for. The GRAM is hosting a casual forum on Friday, the 8th of January… so stop on by if you find yourselves downtown around 7:00pm.

Nessie at the Zoo

Nessie at the John Ball Zoo Today

Nessie looks on as the Zoo holds a fundraiser for the animals today. The zoo has raised over $50,000 to help offset budget cuts this year.

Although the zoo will be closing December 7th for the winter, you can still make donations to John Ball Zoo by visiting their website.


~ by nessieproject on December 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “NESSIE’S NEXT CHAPTER pt.2”

  1. I wish there was a way to come up with the money to winterize nessie. I live over by the zoo and it has been an awesome experience having her there. Her being removed is going to be very sad and it will also be a terrible tragedy if she is to leave Grand Rapids…..If only I could win the lottery.

  2. grand rapids spray on liner could have sprayed it for a lot less and it would have sealed it and made it lastjust an option for the next project 616-245-5454

    • thanks spring,
      we wish we could win the lottery too. it would be nice to have nessie
      tour the other lakes and ponds around the city (given proper permission, of course) although she does look nice at JBP.

    • dusten,
      that is a great idea and one we never considered. thanks for the tip.

      • np glad i could help was glad to see nessie congrats on a job well done have to see where she goes next ty for the reply and good luck

  3. […]             Nessie, a 60-foot, 3,000-pound sculpture of the Loch Ness monster made its debut in the Grand River during the ArtPrize festival from September 27 through October 10. Grand Rapids residence could hear the roar of Nessie with her lighted red eyes glowing at night from across town. […]

  4. Where is Nessie now that Spring arrived? Not at JBP. Everyone I know is talking; “where’s Nessie?”

    • Hi Winslow,
      Nessie is currently drying out and being prepped for long term exposure. We have moved Nessie from the pond to a dry dock. She will spend the next couple weeks drying out & then we start the rehab process. She will be back in a few weeks to her home with a new, thicker skin!

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