It seems the “real” loch ness monster has taken a notice @ the lochness and the great glen website- “Artistic Nessie Spotted in Michigan“.

Grand Rapids Social Diary has a nice page of photos taken at the Winchester Event @ The Nessie Project – ART PRIZE COVERAGE.

Nessie party at the Winchester coverage, in case you missed it…. MLive at the Winchester | WZZM Channel 13 News at the Winchester. We ran out of tshirts at the event, and are in the process of printing more. We’ll have details of how you can purchase tshirts and posters online as soon as possible.

Nessie is in the Detroit News in a very nice writeup on ArtPrize. Hopefully this event will draw more POSITIVE national attention to Michigan as the weeks go by! View the article.

Update: Nessie in the news on How big will ArtPrize be? Bring on the work of 1,261 Artists! It looks like nessie might have a boyfriend named Edgar!

WOOD TV8 news on Nessie! Check it out!



~ by nessieproject on September 6, 2009.

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