We, AAG llc, represent a collective of artists, designers, engineers, fabricators, model-makers and builders. Our approach is to add an interesting aesthetic to the downtown Grand River profile with a piece both enigmatic and fluid as the Grand Vittesse herself.

nessie sketch

An homage to Alexander Calder, Frank Lloyd Wright, Henry Moore, the furniture industry of the 1920s and to all the bridge-workers who have built and maintained these many structures over the grand.

band of brothers
Band of Brothers along with various other Vikings

Having storied degrees from many accredited institutions such as, Kendall College of Art & Design, Grand Valley State University, Northwestern Michigan University, Calvin College, THE School of Hard Knocks and New York University, just to name a few, we, as a group, have over 30 years experience in our varied interests. From office chairs to burning Viking ships to the support of public and private patrons we would like to continue our work in keeping the arts alive in Grand Rapids.


David Valdisseri
Thomas Birks
Richard App
Joachim Jensen
(left to right)


“I am an artist, art fan and one of the biggest believers in letting our fair city shine. Having lived most of my forty years here I watched this shy Midwest town bloom. There are many of us, myself included, that believe our cities progression in technology, business, mindsets and amazingly strong arts community rivals the coolest places that drip off your tongue. Look around you people. The reason our city looks so pretty temporarily adorned with paintings, shiny objects and full of excited fans and onlookers is because we have been beautiful all along and it is now time to shine.”

“I applaud all of the Grand Rapids artists who have thrown their hat into this crazy ring and the community for being so supportive. The world is watching so let’s show them our good side. The only way we as a city don’t win at this amazing event is if we don’t all show up! That responsibility lies upon all of our shoulders because all have a stake in showing the world that not only are we in your rear view mirror but in many ways we are passing you and ready to take the lead.”

“We chose to go big with Nessie because we wanted to show the world what we think of our Grand Rapids. The genesis of this project is years in the making with many hands and heads involved. Relationships, regulations, logistics, finances and other big words have been tried and tested to get this from a sketch to that of bringing a myth to life. I hope that comes through in this piece.”

Go Grand Rapids and go Artprize!
Richard App
artist and resident


~ by nessieproject on August 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “WHO WE ARE”

  1. Is Nessie available for purchase? I have a friend that is very interested in buying her. Thanks!

  2. brent,
    thom@0141east.com 589.1352
    rich@imageriegallery.com 901.8736

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