artprizelogoArtPrize is a radically open competition. Open to any artist in the world who can find space. Currently ArtPrize has connected with over 1,200 artists!

Open to anybody in the city who wants to create a venue. Open to a vote from anyone who attends. It takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but anyone can enter. With a grand total of half a million dollars in total prizes, it is the world’s largest art prize competition.

“We admit… it’s an experiment. A fun experiment. Come and see.”

Check out our venue information on the ArtPrize website here.

First round of voting ends on Wednesday, October 30th. Have you registered to vote? It’s easy, and you can preregister online to save more time! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artists and support their efforts, let your voice be heard! Preregister now and simply show up at a venue and show your ID.


~ by nessieproject on August 11, 2009.


  1. i think that this project is AMAZING!!! ive never seen anything like it…if i could buy this from you guys i would so be the firt to buy it. everytime im on this website i have to look at the nessie project…if not then there is no use of even getting on!!!

  2. please contact me. we may have a nice home for nessie.

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